Weekend in Iceland

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I enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Odinsve. It is centrally located and my room was comfortable with plenty of space to store my belongings. The staff were very helpful. Breakfast was OK, but I wish they had a greater variety of items.
Enrico F.
My wife and I enjoyed a long weekend staying at Hotel Odinsve. We had a room on the 4th floor with awesome view over Reykjavik. The room was clean, comfortable, bed soft. We had a small balcony which was great. The hotel is located in the city center, walking distance to some great restaurants and bars and sights to see. We found parking close by fairly easily, had to circle around once. The service at the hotel was excellent, the staff in the reception were welcoming. We only had breakfast at the hotel once and it was fine, could do with more options. Overall great experience and would recommend anyone to stay at Hotel Odinsve.
Robert D.
The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. It was a wonderful introduction to the city. But the best part was the location. Put you within walking distance of all the tourist attractions and food. The room was fine (very clean) but the bathroom could use an update.
Markus H.
Very clean, great location, friendly staff. Paid for breakfast on the first morning, felt it was over priced for what was offered so we ate out the rest of the week. Can be noisy at night so if your a light-sleeper, you should consider other options
John Doe
The location of the apartments that Hotel Odinsve rents could not be better! Lots of space for a family, two bedrooms and a kitchen. There had been an overbooking, so the front desk offered us breakfast in place of the larger apartment we were supposed to have. Breakfast is at Snaps nearby and was a great selection buffet. We were glad to have the breakfast included.
Carrie K.
Great location - I was worried we would feel far off of Laugavegur but it’s only 3 min walk and the best part is that the hotel neighborhood is full of cute shops and restaurants too. The staff was very nice and even gave us an upgrade to an awesome two-story room that felt like a cabin. The price was way better than staying on the main drag. Breakfast is not included - so consider that in your booking.
Kristy P.
We had 3 rooms for 4 nights & this hotel was ideal. Rooms were comfortable & nicely decorated (although no WiFi & could do with a few pegs / hooks). Snaps is a nice bar downstairs & we had a very nice lunch (great French onion soup) there as well as enjoying the cocktails. The booking process was good & the staff were helpful throughout
Kellan H.