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Thorsgata 1

Hoteliers since 1984, the 5o room, four-star Hotel Óðinsvé in the historic residential area in the old town of Reykjavik, offers a personal, friendly and a comfortable stay. We want our customers to feel at home, feel like they’re staying with friends. To that end, we go to great lengths to provide a relaxed atmosphere, where our friends can enjoy comfort and personal attention they deserve.
Right at where streets come to live through their Nordic mythology names, of all the major Gods and Goddesses. Our location is within a short 5 minutes walk of all major attractions and landmarks in the city of Reykjavik.


Týsgata 8 and Skólavörðustígur 7

The rumours are true – in the heart of Reykjavik is where they´re at. Our serviced apartments are but a short walk from Hotel Óðinsvé; across the street and 200 meters down Skolavordustigur. 
We want our guests to benefit from the characteristics of both a boutique hotel as well as the added amenities of longer stay residences, the Óðinsvé Apartments are to fulfill guests experience of their perfect home within Reykjavik. All 10 apartments provide the extra space, the extra comfort, in a fully equipped apartment. Make yourself at home.